Monday, November 17, 2014

Retrograde Amnesia

Amnesia is a severe impairment of memory, often caused by serious trauma to the brain. One type of amnesia is Anterograde Amnesia. In this case, the patient is unable to form new memories of events after the injury has occurred. Individuals suffering from this disorder have no recollection of anything between the time the injury took place and the present moment. The man in this video refers to it feeling as though he had "just woken up" and therefore utilizes a diary to keep track of his life. He documents different moments as soon as they happen so he has them written down once he forgets them. He has no knowledge of what happened to him to cause this disorder or how long it has been effecting him for. This unfortunate type of amnesia makes it very difficult to function in every day life for your memory can no longer create any type of knowledge or memories from the injury forward.

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