Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nurons to Nirvana

Psychedelics are they a real danger to our survival and species? Or a gateway to a world that only few have actually experienced. In past research scientists have noted psychedelics as addictive and have banned these drugs. These drugs include LSD,  MSDS, Cannabis, and many more. The film Neurons to Nirvana discusses how beneficial using these drug in moderation may actually help with certain treatments. They found that these drugs help with anxiety and pain for those who have cancer, they also found that MDMA has a positive impact on those who are PTSD drug resistant. Not only do these drugs help people who need them for health reasons but these drugs can also open the mind of normal healthy people. Theses drugs bring people to a realization with themselves and the world around them. They find beauty and connections to all things around them. These psychedelic drugs that are "bad" for you are actually tools. Tools that can be used to open the mind to something so deep that it can only be reached through dreams. These drugs have the ability to bring your unconsciousness to a conscious state. Being able to experience a dream with ones true feelings, emotions, and everything that one has suppressed and not need to be asleep is remarkable, but being able to remember that experience is even breathtaking and opens a door for psychotherapy and psychoanalysis that could not and should not be looked passed.

Neurons to Nirvana trailer:

End clip from Neurons to Nirvana:

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