Saturday, November 22, 2014

New type of brain surgery

A new type of brain surgery was tried out for the first time recently. Instead of old fashion cut the skull open and operate on the brain to remove a tumor a new operation that involves a camera and taking the tumor out through the nose. As crazy as that sounds it worked for the guy in the video. He stated after 12 hours of surgery he walked out and no one could tell he even just went through surgery.



  1. It is amazing to believe that technology has come so far that we are now able to perform brain surgeries without actual incisions. To think that we can access the brain and remove a tumor all through the nose is truly incredible. I doubt that anyone who was involved in early medicine thought that something like this would one day be possible. The world of medicine today is truly astonishing.

  2. This is truly remarkable! Usually one is stationed at a hospital for days even weeks after brain surgeries, but for him to walk out only 12 hours after is truly amazing! This way has become more efficient possibly even saving money for all involved. Soon enough, doctors won't need to cut into a patient for any kind of surgery if we're headed down this path!