Thursday, November 20, 2014


Is a chronic brain disorder that causes poor control of sleep-wake cycles. This disorder consists of "sleep attacks" which is uncontrollable periods of extreme daytime sleepiness and can last from seconds to minutes. It can effect a persons daily activities because they can unwilling and unknowingly fall asleep at any  moment. Narcolepsy equally affects both females and males throughout the world. Usually, these symptoms will start during an individuals childhood and will continue into adulthood. Unfortunately, it is a life long condition and is under-recognized here in the United States. Narcolepsy is estimated to affect about one in every 3000 Americans. There are several causes of this disorder but most people with narcolepsy have low levels of neurotransmitter hypocretin, which promotes wakefulness. This is an incurable disorder but some symptoms can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes.

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  1. It must be very difficult to live your daily life having to schedule around uncontrollable sleep attacks. Seeing as though this disorder occurs fairly frequently you would think there would be more research or motive to find a cure.