Friday, November 14, 2014

Listening to Color

I listen to color!



What do you think? Would you like to hear color?


  1. I thought that this was really cool, it is interesting to learn how he was born acromatopic, only being able to see in black and white but after having the device implanted he was able to hear color. I found it interesting how he said he was able to begin to dream in color, because that was something he could never do before. I also thought that it was interesting how he had that secondary effect where normal sounds started to become color. He even hears colors that we can not see! Overall, I thought this was a really cool video and I'm glad you shared it!

  2. I liked this post a lot, I found it really interesting, and I love TED talks. It's neat to see the way Neil trained himself to remember the different sounds for each color; he actually dresses himself in the morning depending on what colors sound good together! How a contraption like this is actually invented and created is inspiring to me.

  3. I went back and watched the entire video, and I feel like the end was even more interesting in that he started making art out of sounds and even more so because he has the ability to perceive something that "normal" people cannot. It's extraordinary that this guy can actually perceive and experience infrared and ultraviolet colors even though a normal eye cannot. It makes me a little jealous, although I probably wouldn't be too willing to attach the electronic eye up to my brain. His opinion that humans should stop making apps for phones and start making apps for themselves and extensions of their bodies is quite a strange one, but he may be onto something. It'd be cool to see what else a human could perceive with the help of electronic extremities, but it's also sort of a scary thought of humans becoming cyborgs

  4. This guy was so entertaining! I am so glad I watched the rest of the clip. I cannot believe all of the things he has accomplished with his attachment. Very inspiring! Great post!