Monday, November 24, 2014

Females heart faster than males!

For humans, the heart beats around 70-85 BPM (beats per minute). That's for a normal adult. For the adult male the rate is around 70-72 BPM. For the female the average is about 78-82 BPM. The reason being is because the female heart is normally smaller than that of the male. "The smaller female heart, pumping less blood with each beat, needs to beat at a faster rate to match the larger male heart's output." ( However, if you have a male athlete that exercises everyday versus a regular joe female then the faster heart rate would belong to the males. But on equal terms the females is noticeably faster.

Angel Cortes

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  1. Your post is interesting because i have heard that females on average tend to live longer than males, but makes me wonder if that is true because females hearts beat faster. However maybe a faster beating heart becomes stronger over time? I definitely didn't know that a female heart is smaller than a male heart either.