Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eye Sensitivity

People with lighter eyes are subject to Photo-phobia.  Photo-phobia is the eyes sensitivity to light.  After experiencing pain from the change in the amount of light I was curious to see if this was the case for light eyed people.  The answer is yes, but it the irritation could also be caused by headaches, infection, or inflammation.  Photo-phobia is not a disease in itself but consists of multiple occurring symptoms from a different underlying cause.


  1. I knew a little about eye sensitivity but I had no idea about how sensitive eyes really were. My eyes are blue and mine are super sensitive to sunlight! I constantly have to wear sunglasses all the time. I figured that light eyed people might be prone to be more headaches, and inflammation but I had no idea they could get more infections too. I feel bad for people with light eyes now.

  2. I never knew this, and was always curious to hwy my eyes are so sensitive. This is a cool fact I will carry with me from now on for sure!
    I read this bevause I recently can barely wear contacts because my eyes are so sensitive they become super irritated by them, I guess this may be my answer?
    Ill look into more, thanks though!