Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brain syncing

Have you ever wondered why older cultures used chanting and/ or steady drum beats during religious or spiritual ceremonies/rituals? Studies have showed that our brain will actually sync up to certain types of rhythms and tones, and will start to produce corresponding brain waves that match with the tone or beat being produced. Most rhythms or tones having to do with spirituality will have one of three different brain waves as a target. The first is Beta waves (13-40 Hz) which are associated with peak concentration and focus. The next is Alpha waves (7-12 Hz) which is linked to deep relaxation. Finally the Theta waves (4-7 Hz) which is said to unlock a deep meditation-like daze that's trace-inducing. The Theta waves are thought to be the key into unlocking the spirituality of humans, so it is no coincidence that drumbeats played in tribal music usually average about 4.5 beats per second or 270 beats per minute which corresponds to the frequency that produces Theta waves. This can also be experienced in binaural beats as well as choir chants such as Gregorian chants for a good example.

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