Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4th blog Celeb changes eye color

Tiny Harris also known as rapper T.I's wife and ex member of R&B group Xscape raised controversy after tweeting about permentaly changing the color of her eyes. The Procedure was proformed by BrightOcular.

Eye color change is done by using,
 "an intraocular implant that is placed in the anterior chamber of the eye to change the appearance of the iris for both medical and cosmetic reasons". 
 Medical reasons to get this procedure done includie if patients have abnormalites with the iris. BrightOcular market their cosmestic precedues as being healthy and safe serving the alternative for color contacts. It has also been noted that  it is a same day surgery and it only takes 15 mintues per eye .

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  1. I found it very interesting how quick the procedure is, only fifteen minutes! I guess if medically needed, it makes sense but otherwise I think it looks a little creepy!

  2. This is crazy but still cool at the same time. Im not sure if id ever want to get this done at all.

  3. I'm wondering what the risks are of this surgery! Even though it only takes 15 minutes per eye, every surgery comes with risks of complications. To be honest I don't think any risk would be worth an eye color change. It really seems silly to me!