Tuesday, September 23, 2014


By definition myopia is the medical term used for nearsightedness. This is when a person is able to see objects close up, but when they look at objects at a distances the objects may seem blurry, fuzzy, or sometimes they may not be able to see the object at all. In people with normal vision parallel light rays enter the eye, and are bent at the cornea and lens to focus directly on the retina for a crisp image. However in a myopic eye the eye is usually over focused. The three main forms of myopia are Physiologic, Pathologic, and acquired. Physiologic myopia usually occurs between the ages 5-10. Pathologic myopia is when the eye continues to grow at a abnormal rate, and acquired myopia would be due to certain traits passed down through your family. Being that I am nearsighted I know from first hand what someone can go through if this goes untreated.

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