Monday, September 22, 2014

Beliefs vs. Reality

I found this video on YouTube, and it is about how our beliefs alter our perception of reality. The video showed a room with 2 men in it. One looked like a giant and the other looks like a midget. The room seemed to be proportional when the viewer looked at it straight. The 2 men then switched sides of the room and their height swapped. Although, I knew it was no longer the men’s size that differed, I was unable to perceive the room as abnormal. The walls, ceiling and floor looked proportional to me until I got a look inside. The floor was on a slant as was the ceiling. The shape of the room was actually a polygon. Even after I knew the truth about the rooms shape, when I looked at the men standing in the room they still looked different sizes. The male from the video explains that it is almost impossible for the brain to learn “exceptions”.  The brain generalizes and makes assumptions. It is the reason behind prejudice and stereotypes individuals have. Indoctrinations of how the world works cause the brain to perceive certain things. Even when we actually absolutely know that our beliefs are false it alters your perceived reality.

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