Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waiting” | Budweiser"

    Even though many might not realize it the first time they watch this commercial, it definitely pulls on several of the senses.  Not only does it promote and remind people of the taste of the beer, but it also pulls on the heart strings of all who see it by showing the relationship of the dog and his owner.  The viewers can see how their relationship has grown from the time he was a puppy until now when the owner brings him almost anywhere.  However, when the owner takes the pack of beer instead of him one night and does not come back, it is a natural sense to feel worried what happened to the man when "for some, the waiting never ended" pops up on the screen.  We start to see and hear the dog whimper and cars pass by which also causes us to be saddened with the poor dog.  Then, when we see the door open in the morning and it is the owner we are reminded "we should change that and drink responsibly because our friends are counting on us" no matter who it is.  Not only does seeing the owner walk in the door make us happy, but it also sends us a message.  I believe that this was the producer's main idea to make sure our senses and perception all took a part when watching this commercial to make sure they got the viewer engaged as best as they could in their product, message, and to show us how we would feel in the same situation.  This is a perfect example of how when we see, hear, feel, or taste something our emotions and memory will most likely be involved as well.

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