Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eye Color News

                  After reading this article I found what it had to say very interesting! I never thought about the risks of  cosmetic eye implants until I read these facts. Some serious complications include: reduced vision or blindness, elevated pressure inside of the eye and this could possibly lead to glaucoma, cataracts and other harmful serious things. An interesting fact is that some people have had this surgery because they were born with two different eye colors, and they had this surgery in order to correct their eye colors. If there are any complications that occur during the surgery than the iris implant has to be taken out by having another surgery. This puts the patient at another potential risk and in danger.
                 There was an eye color attractiveness poll and the most attractive color eye is: Green! I thought that was interesting because I don't know many people who have green eyes and the people that I do know that have green eyes are older adults. The poll surveyed 66,493 people in November 2013; so maybe now the statistics would be a little bit different if done present day. The Link is where I found my can learn more about iris implants here !

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