Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sense of smell

The sense of smell is very crucial I realized after reading the chapter. I found it crazy how of all the things the individual in the book missed was the smell of people. On another note its interesting to realize how dangerous it could be not to be able to smell if say you have a gas leak in your home.


  1. It shocked me too how much ones sense of smell affects so much. It completely made sense to me how you feel like you cannot taste anything when you have a cold or how some say close your nose if you don't want to taste something that may have a bad taste to it.

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  3. I too was fascinated by the fact that of all the smells in the world, the individual from the book missed the smell of people most. You don't really consciously notice the scent of people on a daily basis, but if my sense of smell was taken away, I'm sure I'd miss the scent of people as well.