Monday, June 30, 2014


I found the experiment that was in chapter 8 to be really interesting. This experiment showed that just smiling can boost your mood. The subjects were asked to do tasks while placing a pen in between their lips, then again by placing it in between their teeth. They reported that they were more amused by the task when they had the pen in their teeth verses in their lips. This was the case because with the pen in their teeth they were forced to smile. With the pen in their lips they were forced to frown. Another thing from this chapter that i found interesting was the section about how the more you use the muscles in your face the easier it is to show a certain emotion. For example if your sad all the time it is going to be easier for you to frown than to smile. I never thought about the muscles in your face being like the rest of your body. The more you exercise the better they work.

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