Friday, June 27, 2014


In the book, they mentioned Karl Wuensch, a man that can't smell because of anosmia.  Because I was interested in the topic, I was talking about it with a group of guys that I always play hockey with. As it turns out, one of the guys told me that he has anosmia, we just always assumed he always had a stuffy nose and a love of hot foods.  I told him some of the stuff it said and he completely confirmed it. Its awesome to have a first hand conversation with someone that has anosmia because it seems to be pretty unheard of by most people. I don't know if I could deal without any form of smell. I cook all the time and that definitely requires your nose!

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  1. I couldn't imagine having to take extra care to make sure pans/food do not burn when cooking or constantly enhance the flavor of the food consumed with excessive amounts of spices, etc. Most of all, not being able to smell the people you love and care for (their natural scent) must be quite a dull (even depressing) experience.