Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Perception: The Sixth Sense.
The "Sixth sense" is regarded as myth by most, and not everyone agrees about what it even is. Some claim that it is related to the supernatural, or being on other planes of existence. However, new evidence might suggest that the sixth sense exists as a form of collective consciousness, and also as a form of being able to anticipate the future.
Collective consciousness is the concept that the magnetic field around Earth is able to transfer thoughts and feelings from one person to another.  At a university in the Netherlands, a researcher was conducting experiments involving blind people to study how emotions could travel from person to person. When these blind subjects were exposed to a computer screen of faces showing different emotions, the subjects would mimic the emotions unknowingly- despite the fact that they couldn't physically see the face.
The phenomenon also appears to be independent of time as well. In another study, subjects were shown pictures of normal objects, interspersed with randomly placed horrific pictures or events (for instance, a bombing or a car fire). The data showed that the sensors placed on the subjects monitored their anticipation of the "scary pictures" before and after the event. They would get anxious about two minutes before, would cap at the time they saw the picture, and would reduce their anxiety until about two minutes after. This showed that humans have precognition of events before they happen, even if they aren't necessarily consciously aware of it.

I recommend watching this whole episode. There are some points of contention that I have that might not be entirely scientific, but you should check it out and see for yourself!


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