Monday, December 2, 2013



Hyposmia is the partial inability to distinguish different odors and smells. Hyposmia is the most common of all the olfactory disorders and is similar to anosmia, being that anosmia is the total inability to distinguish smells. Like anosmia, hyposmia can be the result of a head or trauma injury, flu, allergies, nasal congestion, and more. The differences between hyposmia and anosmia, is that hyposmia can be self-repaired but majority of the time it is still a permanent impairment. Hyposmia  is only a partial impairment to distinguish smells, therefore, individuals with hyposmia can distinguish certain smells but not all of them. This impairment is mostly found in individuals who work in an environment full of odors on a daily basis. These odors all become one and they are then unable to distinguish the difference between specific odors, being that they are constantly surrounded by them on a daily basis. Not only do these certain individuals face hyposmia, but also flavor perception of those odors as well.

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