Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Duck or Rabbit?

This is one of the most popular images out there related to perception. As we have learned this semester, perception is affected by many different things, both physiologically and psychologically. Our past experiences, our current surroundings, whether or not we have inherited traits that changes the way we see the world...there are countless variables that contribute to how a person sees the world. Knowing this, we need to take what we learned from our class with everything in regard to color blindness to the importance of the retina to realize that not all people are the same! This image shows both a duck AND a rabbit. There is no "or". It can even show something different if someone wants to see it that way! We are not the ones to judge whether or not someone is right or wrong about what they see. Next time you feel yourself judging someone, remember that there are so many different things that impact a person's perception.

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