Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Catching the Waves - How do we perceive sounds?

The study of sound perception is called pschoacoustics. Any time you hear or feel a sound, there are some amazing things that happen. For every sound your ear-brain system processes, you get information about:

Six Qualities of Sound Perception

Pitch - (also associated with frequency), the perception of a high or low sound.

Loudness - (also called amplitude), the intensity of a sound.

Phase - the increase and decrease in pressure cycle any single vibration.

Direction - (hearing with two ears creates left/right, high/low, front/back qualities), first come first heard by one ear or the other.

Distance - (also associated with reverberation time), perception of how near or far away a sound's source is.

Timbre - (also called tone color), the perceived quality of any sounds' multiple frequencies changing through time.


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