Monday, September 23, 2013

Light Discrimination Apparatus

Jemila Worley
Post #1
Dr. Berg

One of the objects I observed in class was the Light Discrimination Dial, which is used to determine light intensity. On this instrument there are two light stimuli which both have a diameter of 1.375". The procedure for using this instrument, is to have the subject(s) look at both of the light stimuli as the examiner is either increasing or decreasing the light intensity. Afterward, the subject(s) is responsible for identifying whether or not the light intensity was greater, less, or equal to the original brightness. Researchers have said that this tool demonstrates several psycho-physical methods, one being constant stimuli, meaning the light intensity may or may not vary based on the length of time the subject had been staring into the light stimuli. This to me could be used to help explain and display convergence, based on how long the subject was looking into the light stimuli as well as how intense the light actually was.

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