Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Face Blind Test

Jemila Worley
Post #2

As discussed in class, Prosopragnosia is the inability to recognize faces. The face blind test on, Faceblind.org is a great example of how prosogragnosia is common in more people than one would think. Before taking the face blind test, I had assumed I would be pretty average at face recognition and being able to put names to faces or even memories of past movies/articles I had seen on the individuals in the test. However, things turned out completely opposite than what I had assumed. Below are my results after taking the test. Although I was able to recognize most of the faces, I had either forgotten the name of the person(s) or confused their face with the face of another celebrity. Based on my results we can see how inaccurate my assumption about prosopragnosia was before taking this test. I highly encourage others to take the test mainly because you can test your ability to recognize faces and you may just end up on surprising yourself.


Out of 30 faces, you correctly identified 10.
You were familiar with 23 of the people in this test.

If we exclude the ones you were unfamiliar with, you got 43% correct.

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