Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Post #2 - Synesthesia

Synesthesia, "joined perception", is a condition where one sense is concurrently distinguished by one or more additional senses. Another form of synesthesia, is where the sense is simultaneously perceived with a sensory perception. For example, a person with grapheme-color synesthesia is able to link words, numbers, and names with colors. Other types of synesthesia include; lexical-gustatory: tasting words, vision-music, mirror-touch: seeing someone else being touched and feeling that sensation. People with synesthesia usually do not know that they have this condition. They feel that it is normal to hear the word "Monday" and see it in blue letters. People with this condition do not try to picture words as colors, or words as a taste, it just happens naturally. The one form of synesthesia that I see as being a problem is mirror-touch. If a person with this specific condition sees someone being punched, kicked, pricked, anything painful, that individual will feel the pain. Studies have shown that there are certain people who are more likely to have a form of synesthesia over others. These people include; women, individuals who are left handed, neurologically normal people, and someone who is within the same family as an individual with synesthesia. types of synesthesia explained

-Jennifer Ohara

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