Monday, December 10, 2012


I recently started researching Misophonia and it a very interesting hearing disorder. Misophonia literally translates to hatred of sound and that what this is. "Misophonia sufferers are extremely sensitive to sound, so much so that they have sometimes violent reactions to a certain set of sounds that they call "triggers". Much like individuals who suffer from PTSD, those who suffer from misophonia have a set of triggers. In the case of those with a sensitivity to sound, these triggers can be things like; people eating food, the crunching of ice or chips in someones mouth, the sound of a certain persons voice, heavy breathing etc." ( While this may seem like either a exaggerated disease or fake, there is a story that 20/20 ran about a girl that had this disorder so badly that she was unable to be around her mother. She could not be around her mother because the sounds that her mother made filled her with pain and rage. Misophonia is believed to be a neurological disorder  that could be caused by high central nervous system structures. 

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