Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can computers perceive as well as humans?

After stumbling upon article after article I have realized something. In the 21st century computers can perceive at a sub par or par level to humans in many categories. One category is in the visuals.  In this certain article, it talks about a humans and computer model developed in a lab and how both humans the computer model identified images and were able to categorize them at a sub par level. Computers usually out compute the human brain some tasks involve visual object recognition are done best by humans and is still challenging for computers. But its still fascinating to see that computers nowadays can somewhat keeps up with human visual recognition.

In this recent article as well it talks about certain robots with artificial intelligence. One robot is a puppy robot dog and it is capable of adapting and feeling the texture of the terrain on which it is moving by exploring its surroundings when walking. I find things like this really interesting.  Imagine in 50 years what computers and artificial intelligence could really do. It might be impossible to tell a human from a computer or a robot.

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