Saturday, November 10, 2012


This condition is the ringing or buzzing that is in your ears or head. This is usually caused from damage to the inner ears hair cells. Tinnitus can occur once or often. It can be difficult to cope with since the level of noise range from a soft whistle to a loud whistle. It can be in both ears or just one. This is usually caused from loud music or loud noises, such as concerts and gun shots. Tinititus can also be a sign that there is damage in your inner ear. This can also be caused by ear wax build up, high blood pressure, and tumors. There is medication that the person can take if it is not a tumor or ear wax. When at home they should listen to low music to drown the noise in their ears out.


  1. This is really interesting because I always have this buzzing static in my left ear. I also can't hear well out of it.. Reading this, I think I should check it out and see if this is what it is!

  2. I randomly get this a lot and when I was a child I had a lot of ear infection. I had to have tubes put in my ears to drain the fluids. I always believed that this was a side affect from this procedure. But also I always thought it was genetic because both my mom and dad experience this sometimes too.