Thursday, November 29, 2012

post 3 Perceptual Research ( in place of sona)

ADHD known as attention hyperactivity disorder affects nearly 3.5 million school age children in the us more commonly in males than females. When people are affected with ADHD they are less able to recognize appropriate social behavior, easily distracted or failing to pay attention. It is hard to detect ADHD consistently usually a physician can observe behaviors.  ADHD is not clear cut but doctors and physicians have studied and realized that certain receptors in the brain normally respond to the neurotransmitter called dopamine are not working properly. Which means that the dopamine is not being produced at normal levels in the brain, recent work in adult’s points to a defect in an enzyme called dopa decarboxylase which helps make dopamine. This defect in dopamine production occurs in the anterior frontal cortex, an area associated with cognitive processes such as focusing and attention. Having ADHD as well as being dyslexic living with this learning disability makes school extremely difficult. It is very hard for most people to understand how someone with this problem lives every day. To me it is like an itch you can’t scratch. Being on and off medication my whole life about 4 years ago I decided to deal with this disorder without medication. Although very hard the side effect aren’t as bad as when I was on the medication. I continue to live with this every day some days are better than others but I hope that someday neuroscientists can figure out a treatment and cause more specific to this disorder. ADHD affects every sense of your body especially hearing and sight. To me it seems that neuro transmitters are almost sparking. Hearing someone talk next to me while listening to the teacher becomes almost impossible. In this article about ADHD you will be able to learn more about this disorder as well as the people that are trying to learn from it.

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