Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lasik eye Surgery

Earlier this week we learned about lasik eye surgery. I myself am nearsighted and would love to be able to see without the aid of contacts or glasses. Lasik eye surgery is a safe procedure with only 5% of people saying their experiencing any problems. I would like to share with you a little info about the procedure, in case your thinking about getting it done.

First your eye Dr. will examine you and see if your a good candidate for it. This includes seeing if you have any dry eye problems that need to be taken care of before surgery.You show signs of keratoconus or any other condition that causes a thinning of your cornea.

The procedure in itself is done by the use of a cool beam of light from the excimer laser to gently reshape the front surface (cornea) of your eye. This is done by creating a corneal flap on the surface of the eye, which is peeled back to allow the excimer laser to begin reshaping.

After the surgery you will need to have someone take you home. Your eyes will be covered for the next 1-2 days as you rest. Some people get one eye done at a time, followed by the other the following week.

Here is a video about a woman who unfortunatley didnt have a good experience with lasik.

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