Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Katie Richter: post 1

How belief alters your perception of reality

I found this video interesting because I've actually been to a place where there was a room like this. When looking at it through the window where it seems that it is just a normal room, your brain sees a giant and a midget because that is what was learned at a young age. The brain has no reason to believe anything different because perception is in a way "constructed" from birth. Although we do not remember it, as babies we all learned about the senses by using them. This information that we all taught ourselves when we were younger built the models in our brain that shape our view of the world, unconsciously. Once we learn something, it is nearly impossible to look past it. Because off this, our brains automatically assume that, with this particular experiment, there is a giant and a midget, not that the room is skewed. This is because we believe that all rooms have parallel floors and ceilings, so our perception of the room is altered.

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