Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hard of Hearing

Everyone has different ways of perceiving things. Hearing is one sense most people would say they cannot live without. As for some, hearing is an option.  People who are hard of hearing were either born deaf (never heard a sound), or they grew deaf (once heard and lost hearing). People who are hard of hearing have a completely different perception of hearing. They live in silence and sign as their own language. They learn to adapt to their surroundings by signing or writing on paper for others to understand. In the video, it's difficult when people make fun of people with hard of hearing and don't even try to understand what they are trying to say.

I find this video interesting because I've met people who are deaf and it hasn't occurred to me once to act the way they did. I've served someone in a restaurant who was hard of hearing and I tried my best to understand them by writing things down on paper. Also, one of the girls in the video had a hearing, and she has different views than her friend because she can hear to a certain degree; she understands what it's like to be deaf. I think people should put themselves in other's shoes and see what it would be like.

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