Wednesday, September 26, 2012

first blog on optical illusion

                                                     Optical illusion

At one time or another, we have all been challenged both visually and mentally by optical illusions. Several optical illusions exist and is used for many different things.  For instance; lines and shapes can be used to challenge and/or measure visual perception. Psychologist use techniques such as these in order to learn from their patients as well. In the illusions attached below, the artist clearly demonstrates an optical illusion by using lines that appear different in length and width. This is truly not the case making this an illusion. The deception of these lines begin with the stimuli of what is perceived through vision. The information then travels from the receptors in electrical form. They are broken down and shared with other neuron cells. The cells energy is transmitted to the brain where the information is processed and transformed into knowledge and response.

                                     Picture1 {vertical lines are the same length}


                                    Picture2 { same size  in length and width }   


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