Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Famous Faces

Since our class lesson on face blindness, I have been thinking about all of the faces I see on a daily basis. Their names may be unknown, but I am pretty good at recognizing these people, even if I only saw them twice. I always feel unsure about the people I think I recognize, but after taking this test, most times than not I am probably noticing a face I have seen before.
For this post I took the "Famous Faces" test through Faceblind.org. Excluding the few people I missed, the results were 92% correct out of the ones I knew! I answered 24 correct and knew who 26 of them were. Surprised at how well I knew these faces, thinking about it, most of them I have only seen a handful of times or just never paid attention to details in his or her face. When the test was over, I did notice that the people I did not recognize were mostly older people. Even though I knew most of their names, it took me longer to recognize older faces than the younger ones in general. I figured this could be because people who are older today, even political figures, are not shown as often as young popular celebrities.

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