Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Faceblind Test

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Patti Dobbins

I did the faceblind test as well as two other perception tests.  For the facblind test I scored 97%.  I was able to recognize 29 out of the 30 faces shown.  I have a pretty good memory so I was not really surprised by my score.  I also did a test to see if I could determine a person's emotions just by looking at their eyes.  They showed several pairs of eyes with four emotion options to choose from.  On this test I scored a 31.  The average score for this test was 25.97.  I scored better than 7 out of every 10 people who take this test.  The third test was kind of like a recognition test as well.  On the first part, three blocks were flashed on the screen with black sections across them.  There was a face in one of them and I had to determine which block the face was in.  On this I scored 98.  The average was 91.47.  The second part showed ten faces to memorize.  Then 50 faces were shown and I had to determine if it was one of the faces to memorize.  I found this one to be difficult, but I still managed to get a 40.  The average score was 38.97.  The final part of this test was very similar to the first with the exception that there were more details in the blocks, making it more difficult to find the face.  I scored 67 and the average was 60.95.   

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