Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog Post 1- The 5 senses

Neuro-linguistic programming has sparked my interest this summer and it almost goes hand and hand in perception. I learned what I read form a book, but I found this article to be just as helpful. http://nlplifecoachdirectory.com/article/the-five-senses-of-how-we-make-sense-of-life/

In class we talked about how we perceive people through our prior knowledge. I learned that everyone's senses are different and allow for a totally different experience. An example would be a camera. How many times have we taken a picture and saw that our picture looked nothing like what we saw. A camera is no where as intelligent and complex as our senses.

We make a map with our senses, in a sense our view of the world is different from many other people's view and like our view our senses also are different. A person's senses also bring certain unique memories and emotions that are specific to them.

There have been studies to show that people prefer to have certain thought processes. Some may choose to see a visual image first when striking up a memory, or they may choose to hear sounds and etc.

Some senses may be more acute than other senses, Such as a musician (hearing), a wine taster(gustory), or a painter (visualatory). These people built up their senses through a series of events and practice (prior knowledge and history).

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