Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog #1 electromagnetic spectrum and

In chapter 3, the electromagnetic spectrum was a recap of what I learned in an astronomy class. I remember learning about the different ranges of energy that surpasses light. As energy is described by wavelengths, it ranges from short to long in the different type of rays. As there were many other interesting facts on vision and focused images on the retina, due to the percentages, I will mostly remember that the cornea represents about  80% of its focus and the lens accounts for the other 20% of its detailed focus. It caught my attention because my grandmother had a Lasik Eye Procedure done a few years ago, but I never understood what it was for.
As I understood most of the lecture, a little video that helped me understand more was The Electromagnetic Spectrum Song. It is quite silly, but caught my attention.
Another video that interested me caught the reality of how eye surgery is performed.

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