Friday, June 8, 2012

While reading over chapter one in the textbook, I found the rat-man demonstration to be most interesting. In my personal experience I first saw the picture as a rat and did not understand why the word “man” was in there. After reading about it I finally saw both images and was fascinated by it. I learned that we perceive objects different from each other because of our acquired knowledge.  According to the textbook “Information that a person brings to a situation can be learned years ago.” I thought this was very interesting and was also surprised by it. Another term that I found interesting was Recognition. “Our ability to place an object in a category, such as a moth, that gives it meaning.” In the example, Ellen recognizes the animal on the tree as a moth.  When someone has trouble recognizing common objects, they might be diagnosed with having Visual Form Agnosia. The example in the textbook shows us how Dr. P has trouble recognizing and perceiving different objects.  I thought it was interesting how he could only recognize certain parts of an object but he couldn’t put it all together.  

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