Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Final Post

            Perception is nothing what I expected it to be like. It is extremely complex and nothing like any other Psychology course that I have taken.  I have picked up more knowledge in this class then any other class that I have taken. I thought this was one of my most interesting yet difficult courses I have taken as well. I loved that we learned about so many different aspects of Perception such as: color and sound. After viewing all of the pictures that were presented to us in the textbook, I was fascinated to know that people view things differently then myself. For example, in the Rat-Man demonstration I only saw the rat, however, when I showed my mom that picture she saw the man. I was amazed by the different outlooks that everyone has in life. I think it is also amazing how we perceive each other differently. Especially with communication. We all understand and hear things differently. We may take something our friends say as an insult when they are not trying to offend us at all. 
            I loved this course because I believe it will help me in life. I now understand how different people are and that everyone is unique in their own way. I loved how I now have an explanation for certain things. I now understand why this or that happens. This information helps me understand why people do the things they do. It has helped me learn more about myself and the person that I am. This class also helps me understand subject matters in my other classes.
            My favorite part of the course was learning about color. I found it interesting and found myself researching more in depth about it.  I never knew that color could be so complex. I loved learning about the different wavelengths and what kinds of colors we actually perceive. I would have never guessed that colors help us view different objects.  After learning about it, it really does make sense. I loved the example with the purple bananas. Since they were purple I was thrown off by what they were. When I saw them as yellow I had no problem at all distinguishing what kind of fruit that was.


  1. i couldnt agree more! i think this was the most diffuclt and surpising psychology class i have taken! i didnt realize how in depth (no pun intended), it would be!

  2. The example with the banana really was superb, I had never really thought that about it until the lecture presented it to me I too chose color as my favorite topic and spoke of this as well.