Saturday, June 9, 2012

Speech Perception and Selective Hearing- Candace Flowers

 I find the topic of speech perception interesting. I often feel as though I have selective hearing, where I only hear what I want to. Someone could be talking and I will hear them but in a way ignoring all they are saying. Sometimes it is as though I already know everything they are going to say so I listen closely to when it is something I am interested in or something I do not already know. There are many ways in which selective hearing works, such as a crowd full of people talking and being able to tone everyone out and only listening to one selected speaker.

On an episode of the show The Doctors there was a topic of selective hearing in men and why men don’t listen that I found interesting…It stated that men tend to use the left side of their brain more than the right as well so therefore they are less creative. They also mentioned that men do not have a verbal capacity such as women. I found it interesting when they stated that men do not process a woman’s voice the same way they would another man.  I think this topic is always up for a good debate!


  1. THis is an interesting post! Maybe men have an actual excuse for 'not listening' to their spouses. Women always complain that men don't listen to them. Maybe men aren't always capable of listening. WOmen also complain that men aren't good communicators. The fact that men do not have as good verbal skills is an explanation!

  2. This wasvery interesting I am always being blamed for having selective attention or hearing but I find if the topic is something I enjoy I pay attention more to what is going on if not my selective hearing attention goes wild!