Monday, June 11, 2012

Final Post

  Like many others who took this class, I am a Psych major and have taken several psychology classes. I can not say that perception was my favorite out of all of them, however, I did learn a lot and there were many interesting parts. I never knew that there were so many aspects of perception that were involved in every day life. For example, the way we perceive scenes and objects, color, and even sounds and pitch. Through other psychology courses I had a general idea of how some of these things worked, but now I have a much better understanding of how important they all are.
   I really enjoyed learning about how we perceive color, however, I think learning about how we perceive objects was my favorite part of this course. I think I really enjoyed this section because it reminded me of being younger. On the Apple Jax cereal boxes, there were always those images made of dots and the objects that looked like certain figures if you focused right. I never understood how these things really worked until now. I never knew that I was using figure ground segregation to figure out these images. Figure ground segregation is when you determine what part of the environment is the figure so that it stands out from the background. It is so crazy that after this class I understand things I never did when  I was younger.
When looking at this image do you see a vase or two people facing one another?
How about this one. Do you see a young woman or an older woman with a large nose?

Breanne Bryson


  1. I like your example of the face picture...At first glance I saw the vase first and then at second glance I realized it was two people.

  2. I have seen the old lady/young lady picture and at first I automatically saw the young lady and could not even see the older lady at all even when some one pointed it out to me now what I see is the older lady first then the younger lady. It's strange how my perception has changed from the first time I saw the picture.