Sunday, June 10, 2012

a fianl note on perception

perception is a very interesting a big topic to study it involves a lot of aspects from sight to touch and also knowledge we gain or previous know and how it affects how we come to a conclusion of things. it involves the science of how we see colors and the neural pathways is necessary in order to compose an image. it also configure depth. in other psychology classes you learn the illnesses or different classifications of disorders but in this class it has a different outlook on psychology the bio-aspect, dissected into the areas of where sight and hearing comes from. it gives a more in-depth version of what makes things work the way they do.

one of my favorite aspects of the class was optical illusions and also seen in the introductory chapter in the book where a drawing or a mans head or rat can be seen. what is perceived can be hindered or shaped by previous known information. Through top-down, data-based processing or bottom up processing the information known can only allow what is known to be shown to see, such as the picture in the opening cover of the book of the dalmatian, once the dalmatian is seen you will never see anything in the picture again. above i have linked a video which can show an optical illusion of depth perception and how location and the placement of objects of things can trick one into believing that they are seeing something that is necessarily correct.

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