Monday, June 4, 2012

Depth and Size

The person taking this picture, is laying on the sand looking under the bottle at the person running by. Using the monocular cue, familiar size, we know the human is much larger then the empty wine bottle, though it appears opposite in the photo. The wine bottle in this picture is much closer to the person taking the picture then the runner, from from the photographers position the wine bottle does appear larger then the runner. Another monocular cue you can see in this photo is Atmospheric Perspective. The runner in this photo appears less clear and a little fuzzy in this photo, but the wine bottle we see in great detail. We can see the sand that has stuck to the bottle, the lines at the top of the bottle, and a drip of water coming out of the bottle.   

1 comment:

  1. Interesting be honest it took me a second to understand what I was seeing at first. But when you study the picture more you can see that the runner must be far off in a distance for the wine bottle to appear so large. At first glance it appears to be large over sized wine bottle in the middle of a field which of course is not likely. This is a good example of how depth and size influence our perception. I also think it is interesting how the drop of wine or water appears to be directly over the runners head. Many photographers practice these kinds of photographic illusions. I particularly like the ones where photographers use the sun and moon to capture an image where it appears the person is holding the moon or sun. Very interesting!