Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bottom up and Top-down processing

1     Bottom up processing is considered an information processor; it receives data and forms a perception.  Bottom up processing suggest that people perceive elements by starting with smaller details.  More fine details of the element will than follow until we have built a solid representation.  Example; looking at a painting and we notice the little details in the painting and after a few seconds we put the whole painting together.  Top-down processing states that humans form perceptions beginning with the larger concept or idea, after we have seen the big idea or concepts we start to focus more on the finer smaller details.  Example; looking at the painting seeing the main picture and than noticing the minor details like the trees in the background.  

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  1. I thought this part was interesting when i read the part about how bottom up processing is processing based on data and top down processing is based on knowledge. I also found that it was interetsing to know that both of these processes work together to create a perception of anything. I think that bottom-up processing is more important because, "bottom-up processing is essential for perception becuase the perceptual process usually begins with stimulation of the receptors" (Goldstein, 11).