Friday, December 16, 2011

Color's influence on mood

I'm sure many people have heard that blue colors reflect more somber moods while yellow colors reflect happier moods. As it turns out colors do have an influence of mood and can even be used in holistic types of therapy.
Interior designers have known the influences of colors on mood for a long time, using blue in offices because it can increase productivity or pink can be used in prisons for its calming effect.
Some psychologists look at color psychology skeptically thinking that the influence of color has been exaggerated by many studies.


  1. Hey Melinda! i found your blog very interesting because i totally use colors to influence my mood. For instance when i am feeling down i try to wear something bright to lighten up my mood, i even go as far as painting my nails bright orange or red and it always works!! i do not believe that color has been exaggerated by studies at all as a matter of fact i think we should turn to colors to brighten up our moods!!!