Monday, November 14, 2011

Visual Snow

People with the condition referred to as Visual Snow see everything with a white static over it similar to a television- like static. The exact cause for this condition is unknown, and it exists in different severities. Some people with it are barely able to read because it makes their vision so blurry. The “snow” is worst against dark backgrounds, but people who have it constantly see static. Visual snow is a symptom in several different conditions such as persistent migraine aura, inflammation of the optic nerve from multiple sclerosis, and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder. Some people randomly develop Visual Snow for no known reason. Other visual difficulties, such as increased after images, are associated with Visual Snow. There is very little research on this condition and no known treatment for it; however there are a few medications which have worked for some people.

The following video shows how a person suffering from Visual Snow sees things.

Visual Snow Video

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