Monday, November 7, 2011

Optical Illusions in Art

I find the topic of optical illusions extremely interesting. I find myself looking for these illusions in everyday life. Illusions keep us on our toes, they challenge our thinking and make us re-evaluate how we perceive our world.
The artist MC Escher is famous for his optical illusion art. His art consists of different prints and illusions that are extremely detailed and beautiful. He incorporates the illusions covered in our books to add dimension to his art. His art forces you to look closely and think about what it is. This to me is the best kind of art, it allows you to immerse yourself in the picture and come up with a story to explain it. He plays with lines and depth to create amazing pictures, that at first glance seem impossible. Learning about optical illusions and how our brain processes the images, makes his work even more interesting. Escher also used different mediums to achieve specific images. He would carve images into wood and then use a printing press to transfer the image onto paper. All of these techniques allow his art to jump out and make us think. Escher uses the power of illusions to draw us in and challenge our thinking.

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