Monday, November 14, 2011

Vision problems associated with Albanism

While pondering what to research for the blog, I remembered hearing that people with Albanism have poor vision, if not even color blindness. After learning how the eye works, I wondered why this is in people with the condition. The problems occuring with their vision is not correctable with glasses. However, the level of impairment varies with the type of Albanism. The majority are legally blind.
The problems with vision "result from abnormal development of the retina and abnormal patterns of nerve connections between the eye and the brain." These problems consist of :
  • Regular eye movements back and forth.
  • Cross eyes or lazy eye caused by muscle imbalances.
  • Sensitivity to light because the iris has little to no pigment to screen out stray light.
  • Astigmatism along with either near-sightedness or far-sightedness.
  • Foveal hypoplasia caused by the abnormal development of the fovea before birth and in infancy.

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