Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perception & Old Age

With old age information processing declines. the time it takes to retrieve knowledge is dependent on sensory input from the eyes, ear, and other sensory organs.With age the eyes ability to focus in nearby objects decreases, the amount of light needed increases and there is impairment in the ability to adapt from light to dark and back to light. The ability to hear, high frequencies also decreases. With sensory deficits, age seems to affect the quality of perception. The ability to receive, process, and act on information. The change leads to a slowing of behavioral responses and or reaction time in late adulthood. Sensory changes can have a huge impact on life. You could have problems with communication, enjoyment of activities, and social interactions. Sensory changes can contribute to a sense of isolation.
Everyone requires a certain minimum amount of stimulation before a sensation is perceived. This minimum level is the threshold. Aging increases the threshold, so the amount of sensory input needed to be aware of the sensation becomes greater.

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