Friday, November 25, 2011

happy thanksgiving everyone

When thanksgiving comes around, I am thankful that I can taste because thanksgiving dinner is my favorite.  I think taste may be the best sense we have because unlike vision and hearing, taste cannot be corrected.  If we begin to lose our vision we have options of glasses, contacts or surgery, and if we begin to lose our hearing we have hearing aids.  However, if we begin to lose out taste, I do not believe there is any treatment to regain your taste.  The loss of taste is also linked to loss of smell, because smell and taste combined equals flavor.  The reason there are not treatments for the loss of the greatest sense is because it most often happens during aging and other irreversible situations such as an illness.  So this holiday, besides being thankful for family and friends and all of that stuff, I am thankful that my brain can still create the sense of taste and all of its flavors.

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