Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Architectural Acoustics

Architectural acoustics refers to how the sounds are reflected in a room. Some factors that can affect perception for example in a concert hall are:
  • Reverberation time- "the amount of time it takes sound to decrease by 1/1000th of its original pressure."
  • Imtimacy time-"time between when sound leaves its source and when the first reflection arrives."
  • Bass ratio- "ratio of low to middle frequencies reflected from surfaces."
  • Spacious factor- "fraction of all the sound received by listener that is indirect."

Hearing inside rooms
  • direct sound-sound that comes from the source directly and reaches the listeners ears.
  • indirect sound-sound that reaches the listener by being reflected off of environmental surfaces.
When a person is inside a building both direct and indirect sound occurs compared to outside when the sound is mostly direct.

        We learned in class about the cues for auditory location and I chose to focus on architectural acoustics. I never really thought about how sound takes places inside large rooms such as a concert hall. I've been to plenty of concerts but just didn't think about it. I became curious about this and found this topic interesting. This relates to perception and how sounds are perceived differently both inside and outside.
Judith Murawski

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