Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cochlear implant

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Cochlear implants *******

For my group project we are doing sound, so I went ahead a bit to chapter 11 on Sound, the auditory system, and pitch perception. By chance my friend had sent me a video concerning something called a cochlear implant and a girl who had not been able to hear for 29 years. Here is the link:


It is sad to think she was unable to hear for 29 years, but also it shows you how amazing modern technology really is. This video alone sparked my interest in the miracle device used on the girl which is called a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant is a special device used for people who are deaf or have severe hearing impairments. This device is surgically implanted on the mastoid bone and works along with a microphone that attaches behind the ear, as well as a sound processor. These components work together to recover the hearing in most patients, or improve their hearing immensely. Cochlear implants are said to work better when utilized at an early age, but as you can tell with this video, they are also found efficient in older patients as well. Here is another touching video of a baby with a cochlear implant!!! His reaction is great, I am so happy that technology keeps improving, and as a result we are able to change lives!!


- Katelyn Tobin


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